• Ad hoc
    We search for valuable answers to marketing problems, designing each investigation after evaluating the best technical alternatives, according to the nature of the objects of study and the singularities of the markets each brand plays in.
  • Present and Future
    Working on how sense is made within a culture implies to be aware of the changes that new technologies bring and to incorporate them to our studies. We aim to understand the transformations that affect life and consumption.
  • As partners
    We commit as partners to our Clients. We tune in the perspective of our studies with their corporate culture while we understand the logic of the markets in which they play.
  • Observing “glocalization”
    Some brands play globally but use, consumption, bonds, always happen locally. We live among glocalization processes, crossed by different levels of sense-making: global connectivity, local re-mining.
  • Semiotic perspective
    We investigate guided by the idea that brands are signs existing and circulating within a certain culture in a determined time and space. We focus on understanding the relationships established among individuals, categories and brands in specific cultural contexts.